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Learn to create bespoke WordPress-powered websites your way ✨

Hear me out... WordPress rocks. That's why it powers an enormous 38% and growing of the top 1 million websites (source). Quality developers are in-demand to build and maintain them, but many believe their modern skills and standards will be at odds with this mature CMS; I'm here to show you that's just not true. πŸ’πŸΌ

If you’re a developer at any level who can code a webpage in HTML/CSS and wants to unlock a powerful, potentially lucrative new skillset – this affordable new course is for you.

Create a real project from scratch 🏑

We'll build a complete, performant and accessible self-hosted WordPress website from the ground up without using pre-built themes, page builders or other unneccesary plugins. Along the way, I'll introduce key concepts including WordPress set-up, bespoke theme creation, extending the new editor, managing custom content types and deployment. By the time you're done, not only will you have a delightful blog & portfolio website that would make a great personal homepage, you'll understand the power of WordPress and how you can apply this game-changing knowledge to real-world problems for you and your clients. πŸ€‘

Choose your favourite flavours 🍦

The CSS, JavaScript and dev tools in this course are left intentionally unopinionated. I'll write custom styles without a framework using SCSS and use JavaScript only as a progressive enhancement, but you could use (or not) almost any methodology, CSS framework (including Bootstrap/Tailwind), extra scripts or dev tools you like. WordPress doesn't mind. If you're interested in developing with WP headless, this will be a great starting point to learn the core. No experience with PHP is required as we'll be easing in to this.

Project website demos coming very shortly. πŸ‘‡

Get notified πŸ“«

WP for Developers will be available next month (with an all-inclusive feed of bonus content to follow) so you can start the new year right. I plan to sell this course for around $35.

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    What makes WordPress great for developers?

    Here's just a sprinkling of reasons I think you'll love WordPress too:

    ...and so much more. WordPress is an ideal CMS for a huge variety of websites and through a follow-up series of bonus lessons we'll go through several more real-world examples.

    Course overview

    This overview is tentative and may change as development progresses.

    The WP for Developers course contains 13 written and illustrated chapters (each with multiple pages and occasional screencasts) plus an all-inclusive feed of bonus content. You'll be able to access the course online via a custom (yep – with WordPress!) reader that will track progress and generate a certificate at the end.

    All course members will also gain full access to both member-only discounts and the WP for Devs Discord channel πŸ’¬ where you can discuss the course, WordPress development and ask questions or give feedback to me directly.

    Chapter 1 πŸ–‹ What is WordPress and what is it good for?

    Come with me as I take you on a journey through the wonderful world of WordPress and find out about many of the complex content management problems that WordPress can solve. We'll also look at that GPL open source license and what that means for you.

    Chapter 2 πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Setting-up for WordPress development

    I'll show you a number of ways that you can develop on WordPress, whether you prefer to work locally or on a development server. We'll also look at how we can manage WordPress using Git source control and optionally manage dependencies using NPM/Composer.

    Chapter 3 πŸ“‘ Project overview

    In this chapter we'll set out the goals for our learning project, create a checklist of things that need to be done and think about any problems we might face.

    Chapter 4 βš™οΈ WordPress basic configuration

    WordPress comes pretty much good to go out of the box, but there's several things we can do to make sure that we're getting the best experience as developers and ensure that editors are not overwhelmed with stuff they don't need.

    Chapter 5 πŸ“„ Creating Posts & Pages with Gutenberg

    Ah, the bread and butter of any CMS. If it's been a while since you've used WordPress, you may be surprised about the power of the new React-based Gutenberg editor. We'll explore creating content in this editor and managing the default posts & pages content types.

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    Chapter 6 πŸ— Creating a WordPress theme from scratch

    The biggest chapter that is split up over many sections. We'll start from the absolute bare minimum and build up a fully-functional WordPress theme from header to footer and everything in between. With a core focus on the HTML and PHP, you'll have the freedom to either go along with my simple CSS (SCSS) & vanilla JavaScript or replace with any suitable CSS framework/style that you like.

    Chapter 7 🧱 Creating a custom editor block

    We'll extend the Gutenberg editor with our own custom editor blocks. I'll work though both the official way via React as well as my preferred way using the universally-loved Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

    Chapter 8 πŸŽ› Managing custom content types

    Posts and pages are great, but lots of sites are much more than this. What if you wanted to store recipes, profiles, job listings, reviews or anything else you could possibly think of? We can use WordPress to create custom data stores and schemas for almost any use case.

    Chapter 9 πŸ”Œ Creating a companion plugin

    So far, we will have built a lot of our custom functionality directly in to our theme. But what happens when the theme changes? I'll show you how to create a custom plugin that can power our websites unique theme-indepdenent functionality for total portability.

    Chapter 10 ⚑️ Optimising WordPress speed

    Ding ding ding, that's the noise you can imagine Lighthouse is making as you get 100's across the board on your new website. We'll explore several front-end and back-end WordPress optimisation techniques including object & page caching.

    Chapter 11 πŸ”’ WordPress security

    WordPress has a good track record for security. Many vulnerabilities come in the form of incorrect configuration or unconsidered plugin use. We'll give our site a thorough audit and make a few changes that can help to protect your site in to the future.

    Chapter 12 πŸ” On-site SEO

    Many consider WordPress to be one of the best CMS for SEO. By creating a well-built site and filling it up with worthwhile content, we'll be 90% of the way there. Still, there's a few tweaks we can make to ensure we are getting the maximum benefit in search engines.

    Chapter 13 βœ… The go-live checklist

    It's time to launch! We'll have a look at several different deployment methods for different kinds of environments as well as create a reusable go-live checklist to make sure our website is in tip-top shape.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ—œ Using WordPress as a static site generator

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we'll see how we could choose to programatically transform our WordPress website in to a set of portable static files using several different methods. Static sites often benefit from faster loading, free/cheaper hosting and less attack vectors but come with some drawbacks that we'll cover too.

    Bonus Lesson 🍝 Create a restaurant website with editable menu

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, I'll provide a basic starter project that we will extend using a custom post type and Advanced Custom Fields to create an advanced restaurant menu that can be easily managed via the CMS.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ“Š Integrate privacy-friendly self-hosted analytics using Matomo for WordPress

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, I'll show you how you can use the official Matomo for WordPress plugin to automatically set-up and run your own self-hosted privacy-friendly website analytics completely free.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ“‘ Program a plugin to generate posts from 3rd-party API

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we will create a WordPress plugin that periodically checks a remote API for updates and loads data in to a custom post type that we can use within the CMS.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ“… Create a handyperson website with booking form

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, I'll provide a basic starter project that we will extend using the famous WooCommerce ecommerce plugin to create a handyperson booking form.

    Bonus Lesson ⌨️ Master the WordPress CLI

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we will learn about the WordPress CLI and how you can use it to speed up both development and maintenance of WordPress websites.

    Bonus Lesson πŸͺ Create a recipe book website with advanced filters

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, I'll provide a basic starter project that we will extend using a custom post type, Advanced Custom Fields and advanced filtering to create an intuitive recipe manager.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ› Create an art gallery website with eCommerce gift shop

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, I'll provide a basic starter project that we will extend using a custom post type and Advanced Custom Fields for artwork as well as creating a WooCommerce powered gift shop with online payments.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ–Ό Create a social image generator using the WordPress API

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we will create a standalone PHP script that interacts with the WordPress API and use a headless Chrome interface to automatically create custom OpenGraph social images for our WordPress blog posts.

    Bonus Lesson πŸ“š Running a WordPress multi-site network

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we'll realise the power of the built-in WordPress multi-site system allowing many WordPress websites to run on their own domains from a single set of shared core files and database.

    Bonus Lesson 🌐 Managing a multi-language website with WPML

    Release to follow. In this bonus lesson, we will learn the ins-and-outs of running a multi-language WordPress site with the popular WPML plugin.

    Plus more to come... ✨

    Even more course exclusive bonus content will be released over time to supercharge your WordPress development skills. More content means more value, so join early to unlock all current and future bonus content before the price goes up. πŸ˜„

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    About your instructor

    Hi! My name's Adam. πŸ‘‹πŸ»

    I'm a freelance web designer, developer and WordPress specialist from the sunny south coast of the UK.

    I've been building websites with WordPress for clients big and small for more than 10 years now. In that time, I've worked with tons of amazing projects that WordPress empowers (as well as seen, don't get me wrong, a few things it shouldn't πŸ˜„).

    No other platform has done more to further WordPress's mission of "democratising publishing" than WP itself; the 27,000,000 active websites using it says it all. I love this mission and am excited to share my passion for it with you.

    Let's stay in touch? and join the WP for Devs Discord.